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Gold, Assange, CIA, Baobab, and Maritime Matters

Today we cover Alberta’s gold-backed rebellion, Assange’s legal limbo, the CIA’s covert conundrums, Baobab’s health boon, and matters of maritime muscle.

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In the realm of finance, Bow Valley Credit Union in Alberta is making waves with its anti-government, anti-regulation stance. The credit union is investing in precious metals like gold to safeguard its depositors’ investments, a move that has attracted thousands of investors. The credit union’s CEO has even used their run-ins with regulators as a selling point, a strategy that recently led to the sponsorship of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Alberta premier Danielle Smith.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the fate of Julian Assange hangs in the balance. The United States is pursuing Assange’s extradition, a move that could spell the end of his legal recourse within the British system. Assange, who faces charges under the Espionage Act for publishing classified documents, has been at the center of a case riddled with violations of attorney-client privilege, breaches of international law, and questionable witnesses. Despite calls from major news outlets for the charges to be dropped, the U.S. government remains steadfast in its pursuit. The decision to grant permission to appeal will determine the next steps, potentially leading to an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

In the world of international affairs, the CIA’s secretive operations continue to raise eyebrows. Despite the Church Committee’s exposure of the CIA’s malfeasance in 1975, accountability remains elusive. The agency’s involvement in backing jihadists in various countries and its potential role in the Ukraine coup and the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline are among the operations that have been suggested but remain largely unverified. The hope for accountability may lie with the current CIA Director, William Burns, whose diplomatic background could bring a fresh perspective.

On a lighter note, the humble Baobab tree is gaining recognition for its potential health benefits. A recent pilot study found that sipping Baobab resulted in drops in spike antibody levels, positive effects on fasting glucose levels, and improved microclotting scores. The tree’s antibiotic and antiviral properties, coupled with its affordability, make it a promising contender in the fight against various health issues.

Finally, in the realm of defense, Representative Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin has raised concerns about the state of the sea lift fleet, which is used to transport military equipment for the Department of Defense. Gallagher highlighted the fleet’s size, age, and readiness as key issues, along with a shortage of mariners. He also questioned the reliance on foreign-flagged vessels, suggesting that rebuilding the US Merchant Marine and creating a program to train and maintain mariners could be potential solutions. The responses from General Van Oist and Administrator Phillips to these concerns are eagerly awaited.


Congress Identifies Critical Vulnerabilities in US Sea Lift Fleet

Do you believe the current size of the sea lift fleet is sufficient to meet sustainment requirements for a major operation in the Indo-Pacific? No. No. If there’s any other word than ‘no,’ that answer is wrong. There is not enough ships to meet the sustainment requirements. No. We are woefully short.

Source | Submitted by kathy10

Baobab: A Potential Solution for COVID Confusion?

If you’ve read this far, let me reward your curiosity and tenacity by introducing you to Baobab. After eight months of personal and patients’ use, tracking labs and monitoring clinical effect, I think it is some kind of way out of the confusion, and none too soon.

Source | Submitted by pinecarr

The CIA’s History of Rogue Operations and Lack of Accountability Exposed

The CIA was established in 1947 as the successor to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The OSS had performed two distinct roles in World War II, intelligence and subversion. The CIA took over both roles.

Source | Submitted by andys61

Julian Assange’s Extradition Appeal Hangs in the Balance

Julian’s persecution is an ominous message to the rest of us. Defy the U.S. imperium, expose its crimes, and no matter who you are, no matter what country you come from, no matter where you live, you will be hunted down and brought to the U.S. to spend the rest of your life in one of the harshest prison systems on earth.

Source | Submitted by newsbuoy

Alberta Credit Union Embraces Anti-Government Stance and Precious Metals Investment

Worried about total economic collapse because of government mismanagement? Bow Valley Credit Union might be for you. The Alberta credit union is leaning hard into anti-government, anti-regulation rhetoric. And it’s buying up precious metals like gold in a bid to shore up its depositors’ investments.

Source | Submitted by shplad

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