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Global Health, Wars, Offshore Wind: News in a Nutshell

From controversial treaties to offshore wind woes, and even a strike disrupting supply chains, the world is buzzing with news. And let’s not forget the potential collusion between regulators and the pharmaceutical industry. Stay informed with our concise roundup of global happenings!

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In the realm of global health, the latest draft of the Pandemic Treaty, a controversial document under negotiation by the World Health Organization (WHO), has been released. The pharmaceutical industry, represented by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA), has expressed dissatisfaction with the treaty, arguing that it prioritizes equity over profitability. The treaty’s potential impact on the stock prices of mRNA manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna has been noted. The proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, which aim to transfer control of pandemics and health emergencies from nation states to the WHO, have also been met with resistance. Small countries have the option to opt out of these amendments by December 1, potentially slowing down the adoption of future amendments and expressing dissatisfaction with the WHO’s actions.

In the United States, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has assured that the country can afford to support wars on two fronts, as conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine continue. Despite the volatility of oil and natural gas prices due to these conflicts, Yellen maintains that the economy and public finances are in good shape to back US interests abroad.

Meanwhile, offshore wind developers in New York are reevaluating projects after regulators rejected higher rates that would have added up to $12 billion in costs. The New York Public Service Commission ruled that developers must abide by existing contracts to deliver power.

In the energy sector, the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook suggests that demand for oil, natural gas, and coal is set to peak before 2030, undermining the case for increasing investment in fossil fuels. The report also notes a 40% increase in investment in clean energy since 2020. However, OPEC has countered these claims, forecasting that demand for oil will continue to rise until at least 2045.

In Canada, a strike in the St. Lawrence Seaway over a wage dispute has shut down a crucial maritime trade route, impacting about 115 vessels. The strike is expected to slow the movement of grains and other commodities, potentially disrupting supply chains.

In the realm of vaccine development, concerns have been raised about the contamination of mRNA vaccines with DNA fragments, including sequences from Simian Virus 40 (SV40). This issue raises questions about the collusion between regulatory authorities and the pharmaceutical industry, and the potential risks of such contamination.

In the world of social media, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in the case of Missouri v. Biden, regarding the Fifth Circuit’s grant of a preliminary injunction. This injunction would prevent certain federal officials from pressuring social media platforms to censor constitutionally protected speech.

Finally, the tragic death of an 8-year-old Israeli boy, Yonatan Moshe Erlichman, who appeared in a video promoting the COVID-19 vaccine, has raised concerns about the safety of the vaccine. This incident, along with the discovery of a cover-up of vaccine risks by high-level officials at the White House and the CDC, has sparked a debate about the transparency and accountability of health authorities.


WHO's Proposed Amendments and Treaty Threaten Global Health Autonomy and Civil Liberties

The WHO cares not for ‘…full respect for the dignity of human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons’ as they actually cross that line out of the existing International Health Regulations of 2005 in one of the 300 proposed amendments to the document.

Source | Submitted by georgegammon

White House and CDC Knew COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to Myocarditis and Death, Emails Show

In addition to the pages he had asked for, he got 46 pages he didn’t request that showed the White House communications team was ‘freaking out at the highest levels in April of 2021 because news of blood clots and heart damage had reached them,’ Wolf said.

Source | Submitted by kenwdelong

Israeli Boy Featured in COVID-19 Vaccine Commercial Dies from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

An 8-year-old Israeli boy featured in a video promoting the COVID-19 vaccine died suddenly last month from sudden cardiac arrest.

Source | Submitted by kenwdelong

Strike in Canada's St. Lawrence Seaway Disrupts Maritime Trade Route

“While we respect the right to collective bargaining and sincerely believe the best deals are reached at the table, Canada’s economy and our supply chains cannot afford another strike,” the industry body said in a statement.

Source | Submitted by omagosh

Demand for Fossil Fuels to Peak Before 2030, Undermining Case for Increased Investment

Demand for oil, natural gas, and coal is set to peak before 2030, which undermines the case for increasing investment in fossil fuels.

Source | Submitted by redneck-engineer

Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Government's Censorship of Social Media Platforms

The government gravely harmed the ability of Americans to convey their views to the public, and it deprived Americans of their right to hear opinions that differ from the government’s.

Source | Submitted by timmy04jc

New Book "Tragedy and Hope 101" Reveals Secrets of Global Elite

Having spent nearly sixty years of my life researching and writing about the illusionists who control our world, I can say without reservation that you are about to learn some of their closest-held secrets.

Source | Submitted by ronheidary

Contamination Concerns Arise Over DNA Fragments in mRNA Vaccines

These data demonstrate the presence of billions to hundreds of billions of DNA molecules per dose in these vaccines.

Source | Submitted by timmy04jc

Energy Institute Releases First Statistical Review, Replacing BP Statistical Review

The Wuhan virus stopped unsustainable oil consumption growth much more than any other crisis before. That tells us that dramatic events must happen to reign in oil demand.

Source | Submitted by cmartenson

Offshore Wind Developers Forced to Reevaluate New York Projects After Regulators Reject Higher Rates

Offshore wind developers are reevaluating some New York projects after regulators rejected higher rates by Equinor ASA, Orsted A/S, and others that would have added as much as $12 billion in costs.

Source | Submitted by cmartenson

Janet Yellen: US Can "Certainly" Afford to Support Wars on Two Fronts

We stand with Israel. America has also made clear to Israel, we’re working very closely with the Israelis, that they have a right to defend themselves. But it’s important to try to spare innocent civilian lives to the maximum extent possible. America can certainly afford to stand with Israel and to support Israel’s military needs, and we also can and must support Ukraine in its struggle against Russia.

Source | Submitted by cmartenson

Controversial WHO Pandemic Treaty Draft Released, Pharma Industry Expresses Concerns

As the body representing the global innovative pharmaceutical industry in official relations with the United Nations, IFPMA has issued the following statement in response. It warns that the current proposed text does not preserve what went well for this pandemic and will slow down efforts to improve equity by having a chilling effect on the innovation pipeline for medical countermeasures. As it stands now, the world would be better served with no agreement on the current, damaging treaty text. In short, no treaty is better than a bad treaty.

Source | Submitted by karen-mcabeer

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