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Controversy Sparks Over COVID-Crazy Super Mice

From super mice to gold-rush economies, and laundry machines with a data appetite, we’re exploring the peculiar intersections of science, finance, and technology.

user profile picture Ivor Jan 18, 2024
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In the realm of scientific research, a recent study conducted by Chinese scientists has sparked controversy. The researchers created a coronavirus variant, GX_P2V, which proved fatal to humanized mice in all instances, primarily due to late-stage brain infections. The study, which has been criticized by Western experts as both dangerous and unnecessary, involved the cloning of a mutant version of the virus that was able to infect both golden hamsters and mutant mice. Despite the criticism, the World Health Organization and other global elites have been discussing preparations for a potential “Disease X,” with the WHO director suggesting that COVID-19 could be considered the first Disease X.

In the world of finance, a former central banker has suggested that the global monetary system is shifting towards incorporating gold. The dollar is expected to lose its primacy status, with gold and other currencies such as the euro, yen, and renminbi set to compete with each other. This shift is seen as a response to the unsustainability of the current international monetary system, with a multi-reserve currency system likely to emerge. Central banks are being advised to consider debt restructurings and elevated inflation to address the debt overhang.

Meanwhile, in the tech world, an LG washing machine owner discovered that his smart home appliance was uploading an average of 3.66GB of data daily. The owner humorously suggested that the machine might be using Wi-Fi for “DLCs (Downloadable Laundry Cycles)” or even crypto mining. However, the most likely explanation for the high volume of uploads is an error in the Asus router firmware.

In the political sphere, Dr. Anthony Fauci recently admitted before a House subcommittee that many pandemic regulations were implemented without scientific input. The subcommittee is currently investigating the consequences of these regulations on education, small businesses, and human rights. The inquiry aims to address these issues and restore trust in the government’s pandemic response.

In a controversial move, the Georgia United Credit Union has updated its User Agreement to restrict purchases of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories. The decision has sparked widespread criticism, particularly from pro-Second Amendment advocates. The credit union, a private financial institution, has the right to determine which transactions they will allow, but the decision has not been well-received by the public.

Finally, journalist James O’Keefe has uncovered a network of secretive nonprofits allegedly facilitating illegal immigration on the southern border. One of these nonprofits, “Alita’s Angels,” operates in Nogales, Arizona. O’Keefe’s investigation suggests that these secretive nonprofits are funding mass migration without properly vetting asylum seekers, raising concerns about the potential misuse of taxpayer dollars.


Investigation Uncovers Shadowy Network of Nonprofits Facilitating Southern Border Invasion

"These "Alitas" ( groups are part of a shadowy network of secretive nonprofits funding the mass migration of millions of people into the country, without truly vetting asylum seekers' claims and determining if they are eligible for refugee status," the journalist continued.

Source | Submitted by nickythec

“Insightful Analysis: US Debt, Federal Reserve, Biden-Xi Agreement, Bitcoin Volatility, and More”

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

Georgia United Credit Union Faces Backlash for Restricting Firearms Purchases

The Georgia United Credit Union has recently sparked controversy and widespread criticism by updating its User Agreement to restrict purchases of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories.

Source | Submitted by Mysterymet

LG Washing Machine Uploading 3.66GB of Data Daily, Owner Blocks Device

For now, it looks like the favored answer to the data mystery is to blame Asus for misreporting it.

Source | Submitted by Shplad

Fauci Admits COVID Regulations “Just Sort of Appeared” in House Subcommittee Hearing

Dr. Anthony Fouchy confessed to lawmakers Tuesday that guidelines to keep 6 feet of separation, ostensibly to limit the spread of COVID-19, just sort of appeared without scientific input.

Source | Submitted by Slin

The Daily Wrap Up: Independent News and Unsettling Revelations

Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another.

Source | Submitted by Slin

Former Central Banker: “The World Is Heading Towards A New Monetary System That Incorporates Gold”

According to my analysis the world is heading towards a new monetary system that incorporates gold, although I do not know how that system will be structured.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

Author Reflects on Failed Goals and Lessons Learned in 2023

At least I warned it was optimistic. Across all channels, my fulfillment center shows 1,316 books ordered as of yearend. Big miss, just 13% of where I wanted to be.

Source | Submitted by Phil Denniston

Chinese Scientists Create Deadly Coronavirus Variant in Lab

We found that the GX_P2V(short_3UTR) clone can infect hACE2 mice, with high viral loads detected in both lung and brain tissues," wrote the researchers. "This infection resulted in 100% mortality in the hACE2 mice. We surmise that the cause of death may be linked to the occurrence of late brain infection.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

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