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Civil War, Shedding is Real

Reports recently released demonstrate evidence that vaccine shedding is real, and the president of El Salvador issues a warning about declining society and the risks of civil war.

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In the realm of public health, concerns have been raised regarding the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. The issues highlighted include trial procedures, safety checks, and potential side effects. The call is for a pause on vaccine approvals globally until further safety research is conducted. The concerns range from autoimmune responses and heart problems to long-lasting impacts, emphasizing the need for comprehensive risk assessments and science-based public health strategies.

In a parallel vein, another report discusses the risks and reality of shedding spike protein from mRNA vaccines. The report, backed by over 1,200 instances of shedding symptoms, provides scientific evidence supporting the reality of shedding and offers clinical guidance on how to protect oneself and control symptoms. The report also touches on shedding in relation to sexual relationships and blood transfusions, and concludes by mentioning potential legal considerations and the possibility of shedding opening up new avenues for lawsuits.

Switching gears to the legal and political landscape, a critique of the American legal system has been voiced, with the author expressing concerns about the perceived decline of truth, fairness, and justice. The author argues that an influx of people who do not share American culture or values has contributed to the nation’s decline. The critique extends to the high conviction rate in federal criminal cases, suggesting that the courts have become totalitarian dictatorships. The author also discusses the civil fraud trial against Trump in New York, arguing that it is a politically motivated prosecution.

In a related political discourse, Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador, spoke at CPAC about the need to fight against globalism and protect freedoms and rights. He drew parallels between El Salvador’s past civil war and the current decline in the US, citing issues like crime, drugs, and declining cities. Bukele also discussed the financial situation in the US, highlighting the problem of high taxes not actually funding the government, as it relies on printing money. He stressed the need for structural changes and difficult decisions to reengineer the government. Bukele concluded by expressing his blessings for the US and El Salvador and encouraging the fight for a better future.


New Report Confirms Reality of mRNA Vaccine Shedding and Adverse Effects

We concluded that mRNA vaccine ‘shedding’ of spike protein is real based on evidence from regulatory and industry documents, basic science experiments, vaccine studies and clinical reports.

Source | Submitted by idxyzzy

El Salvador President Warns of Declining Society and Urges Fight Against Globalism

The problem is much like the metaphor of the boiling frog. Once the water boils, it’s already too late. People fail to see these things. It’s our nature. Just like the frog, people become complacent, and they don’t realize how bad things are getting until it’s too late.

Source | Submitted by doubletap

Corrupt Legal System and Biased Prosecution Threaten Trump's Assets and Future

The Courts have turned into Totalitarian Dictatorships devoid of any accountability, and the proof of that is the mere conviction rate proving that we are the enemy of those in power.

Source | Submitted by mysterymet

**Controversial Text Calls for Global Moratorium on COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines**

Source | Submitted by jgould

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