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California Health for All: Strained Medi-Cal or Historic Investment?

From California’s healthcare gamble for undocumented immigrants to the escalating Russia-Ukraine tension, the world is a chessboard of bold moves and high stakes. Meanwhile, climate skepticism and banking woes keep the home fires burning.

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As the new year dawns, California is set to become the first state to offer health insurance to all undocumented immigrants. This expansion of Medi-Cal eligibility, which will cover approximately 700,000 undocumented residents aged 26 to 49, has been hailed as a historic investment in healthcare as a human right. Critics, however, worry about the strain on Medi-Cal, which already serves a large portion of the state’s population. This move comes amidst reports that illegal immigration cost American taxpayers nearly $1,200 each in 2023, totaling $150 billion for the year.

In international news, Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich has suggested that the majority of Palestinian Arabs living in Gaza should be encouraged to emigrate to other countries. This controversial proposal comes as Israel continues to reject calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, despite warnings from the UN about a humanitarian catastrophe. Meanwhile, South Africa has invoked the genocide convention, accusing Israel of failing to prevent genocide and inciting genocidal acts against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate. A massive rocket strike on the Russian border city of Belgorod, which claimed 24 lives and injured over 100, was reportedly ordered by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. In response, the Russian military conducted high-precision missile strikes targeting Ukrainian military facilities and officials. Meanwhile, reports suggest that the West has been funding Ukraine’s entire government, with millions of government employees and pensioners relying on foreign aid.

In the realm of climate change, skepticism about the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory is being voiced, with critics highlighting inconsistencies in climate models and questioning the legitimacy of the theory. Meanwhile, discussions around the concept of global government are surfacing, with the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies, mandatory digital identities, and climate action being identified as potential pillars of global rule.

Finally, a report from the Office of Financial Research contradicts Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s claim that the US banking system is sound and resilient. The report highlights ongoing issues such as fair-value losses in bank securities portfolios, declining deposits, and underperforming bank equities, and calls for Powell to be truthful about the state of the US banking system.


Controversial Text Challenges Credibility of AGW Theory and Climate Science

Sustainable development is a resource grab by a network of globalist ‘vested interests.’ That network is using SDGs to re-imagine the global economy in order to centralize and consolidate global power into the hands of a select few. It is a bid to cement global governance under a global public-private partnership. Ultimately, this is the conflict of interest that is driving fraudulent science and the censorship of scientific debate.

Source | Submitted by nils-grimley

Ukrainian President Zelensky Ordered Rocket Strike on Russian City, Claims Moscow Security Source

The attack on Belgorod was led by a notorious ultranationalist Kraken commander identified as Sergey Velichko, according to the RT source.

Source | Submitted by andys61

Israeli Finance Minister Calls for Majority of Palestinians in Gaza to Resettle Elsewhere

“What needs to be done in the Gaza Strip is to encourage emigration,” Smotrich, who is leader of the far-right Religious Zionism party, told Army Radio on Sunday. “If there are 100,000 or 200,000 Arabs in Gaza and not 2 million Arabs, the entire discussion on the day after will be totally different.”

Source | Submitted by andys61

2024 Predictions: A Rough Ride Ahead for America and the World

The nauseating state-of-the-nation is being driven by a cohort of our own fellow citizens lost in an evil crypto-religious salvation rapture that veils their own self-disgust, moral failure, peevish discontents, petty hatreds, willful profanations, compulsive lying, sexual depravity, fraudulence, venality, cupidity, and all-around want of boundaries.

Source | Submitted by rhollenb

California Becomes First State to Offer Health Insurance for All Undocumented Immigrants

In California, we believe everyone deserves access to quality, affordable health care coverage – regardless of income or immigration status,” Gov. Newsom’s office said in response to an ABC News request for comment. “Through this expansion, we’re making sure families and communities across California are healthier, stronger, and able to get the care they need when they need it.

Source | Submitted by nickythec

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