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3D Printed Drones, VAERS Data Controversy, and Raw Milk Raids

Task Force 99 tested a 3D printed drone in Qatar, VAERS faces scrutiny for underreporting child deaths, a federal raid in Arkansas resulted in a fatality, and Michigan halted raw dairy sales at Nourish Cooperative.

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Task Force 99, a small US Air Force group based in Qatar and part of USAF Central Command, has been involved in the field of autonomous operations and AI integration for small uncrewed aerial systems (UAS). Established in October 2022, the group recently tested a 3D printed drone designed using software from Titan Dynamics, a Texas-based company specializing in aerospace battlefield simulation and UAV designs. Another drone was designed and printed in under 48 hours, successfully carrying a mock first-aid package over 30 miles. Colonel Jeffrey Digsby, who leads Task Force 99, highlighted the group’s role in advancing these technologies as part of the Air Force’s broader innovation ecosystem, supporting the Replicator initiative aimed at delivering all-domain attritable autonomous systems by August 2025. The group states it can reduce the cost of small attritable drone production by up to 95%, an advantage given the geopolitical tensions in the region, where Houthis have shot down six Reaper drones since last fall.

In other news, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has come under scrutiny for underreporting child deaths following COVID-19 vaccinations. Analyst Albert Benavides revealed that many reports list the age of the deceased as “unknown,” but a closer examination often reveals the victim’s age, suggesting the actual number of child deaths is higher. Benavides’ analysis indicates approximately 418 documented child deaths and an additional 120 cases where the narrative mentions terms like “child” or “infant.” His research shows that 30% of all COVID-19 reports in VAERS have an “unknown age,” with a higher proportion of missing ages in child reports compared to adults. This discrepancy suggests issues with data accuracy by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which manage VAERS. Benavides argues that if the age is documented in the summary narrative, it should be updated in the report. Numerous reports detail incidents, including miscarriages, fetal deaths, and sudden deaths of children following vaccination. Some reports have been deleted or altered, often due to non-compliance with European privacy laws, raising concerns about the transparency and accuracy of VAERS data.

Meanwhile, the fatal shooting of Bryan Malinowski by federal agents during a predawn raid on March 19 in West Little Rock, Arkansas, has been deemed legal and justified by Pulaski County Prosecutor Will Jones. Malinowski, the executive director of the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, was shot after exchanging gunfire with ATF agents who had breached his home to execute a search warrant for firearms and evidence. The ATF suspected Malinowski of selling guns without a Federal Firearms License and without proper buyer information, with some of the guns later linked to crimes. The raid began with a convoy of law enforcement vehicles and agents announcing their presence before forcibly entering the home. Malinowski, awakened by the commotion, armed himself and fired at the agents, leading to his death. Despite the agents’ efforts to administer medical aid, Malinowski succumbed to his injuries. Malinowski’s family attorney, Bud Cummins, noted that agents waited 28 seconds after knocking before breaking down the door, raising concerns about potential Fourth Amendment violations.

Lastly, the state of Michigan recently raided Nourish Cooperative on May 28, 2024, leading to a cease and desist order on $90,000 worth of raw dairy products. The raid’s aftermath has sparked discussions on the regulation and legality of raw dairy sales, highlighting ongoing tensions between state authorities and natural health advocates.


US Air Force’s Task Force 99 3D Prints AI-Driven Drones in Under 48 Hours

Task Force 99 is a small US Air Force (USAF) group based in Qatar, established “as an experimental unit” in October 2022.

Source | Submitted by Barbara

VAERS Analyst Claims Child Deaths Post-COVID Vaccine Underreported Due to “Unknown Age” Entries

“There seems to be at least one hidden kid death in every VAERS update,” Benavides said.

Source | Submitted by Aussie Mozzie

No Charges for ATF Agents in Fatal Arkansas Raid on Sleeping Homeowner

“The use of deadly force was legal and justified in the March 19 early morning fatal shooting of Bryan Malinowski by federal agents in his West Little Rock, Arkansas, home, according to Pulaski County Prosecutor Will Jones, who said in a June 14 letter that there would be no charges in the case.”

Source | Submitted by bcoop

Michigan’s $90,000 Raw Dairy Raid: The Fallout for Nourish Cooperative

Nourish Cooperative was raided on May 28, 2024, leading to a cease and desist order on $90,000 worth of raw dairy products by the state of Michigan

Source | Submitted by Boomer41

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