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Chris on Max Keiser: Peak Oil Is About to Collide with Our Debt Crisis
by Adam Taggart

Chris was recently interviewed by Max Keiser for his On The Edge program. The videos of this discussion were released over the weekend and are available for viewing below.

The interview starts with a look at the extreme debt levels of OECD nations and the probable (and painful) repercussions they will have for the global economy. Chris spends time explaining the contradiction of how, even though we’re now ‘technically’ experiencing deflation as this debt is being unwound, prices are rising – due to growing loss of faith in the underlying fiat currencies.

Chris on Talk Radio Europe: “Gigantic Mismatch” Between World Oil Consumption and Future Supply
by Adam Taggart

Earlier this week, Chris was invited to appear on Talk Radio Europe, the largest English-speaking radio station in continental Europe. A podcast of the interview has just been made available, which you can listen to by clicking here or on the image below:


The discussion focused heavily on the looming Peak Oil crisis, with a particular slant on implications for the European countries. The subject matter resonated with the host, Richie Allen, particularly because he’s now beginning to hear related sentiment echoed by a small but growing number of concerned European economists.

Interview with the Survival Podcast
by Chris Martenson

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast. We had a meaty exploration of the core tenets of the Three Es in light of recent developments, then delved pretty deeply into strategies for building personal resilience, which is the main focus of Jack’s regular podcasts. I enjoyed myself and think the discussion is worth listening to.

The podcast of our interview is now posted on TSP. Click here to listen to it.

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