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Alerts Alert: Food Storage Shortage Risk Emerging
by Adam Taggart

After hearing reports of depleting inventories of pre-packaged, ready-to-purchase stored food, did a little investigating. It turns out there’s truth behind the rumor.

Earlier today, Zero Hedge observed:

It appears that Mountain House, which is one of the better purveyors of freeze dried food and holds over 30 servings and last for 20 years because they are packed with nitrogen rather than oxygen, is now sold out of all #10 cans -link.And for those who go to NitroPak, which sells these products, they have the following message:

***CURRENT INVENTORY UPDATE*** There is currently EXTREMELY high demand for all of our Mountain House foods nationwide due to current economic uncertainty and inflation fears. With this increase in demand, our food order processing times have increased also. As Mountain House’s leading distributor, we are receiving huge shipments weekly to fill our customer orders. We are shipping as quickly as we can. Your charge card will not be charged-up until we are ready to process your order. Thank you for your understanding and patience! Harry R Weyandt President

Nitro-Pak is one of the distributors we often recommend to our readers, so we started there. Sure enough, the above inventory update is prominently posted.

I then placed a call to The Ready Store, whose products we link to from the Storing Food section of our ‘What Should I Do?’ guide. They also include a lot of Mountain House products in their food packages. They, too, are seeing high demand which is affecting their promised shipping times.

Alert: QE II Has Lit The Fuse
by Chris Martenson
Thursday, November 11, 2010

Executive Summary

  • The US is one failed auction away from economic meltdown.
  • OECD countries are not aligned on what battle they’re fighting.
  • ‘Emergency’ measures governments are now taking will become permanent.
  • Currency devaluation & higher prices are inevitable.
  • Time to prepare is running out. Use the time you have wisely.
  • Chris gives specifics of his personal preparations for use as a guide.

Part I

If you have not yet read Part I of this report, please click here to read it first.

Part II

To quickly review Part I, the US has embarked on a very dangerous strategy of trying to print its way to prosperity, and various countries have, in exceptionally strong terms, indicated severe displeasure with the move. Essentially, they’ve determined that the US is trying to export its difficulties to them, and this is not appreciated.

So what do we make of this, and what might happen next?

I’ll be honest with you here: I have been redoubling my efforts at personal preparation over the past few weeks (and they were already on set to “high” over the past six months). I now see a very high possibility that a fiscal and/or associated dollar crisis could happen in the next 12 months. How high? Right now it looks like 50/50 to me; it’s a coin flip (or Russian roulette with three in the cylinder, if you prefer).

All that would be required to set match to dry tinder would be a single failed Treasury auction. You may consider this unlikely due to the presence of the Fed backstopping all new government borrowing, and that’s certainly a valid consideration, but the wildcard here is that the Fed is merely backstopping all the new Treasury issuances. As I indicated in part one, above, while the US might be floating roughly $1.2 – $1.5 trillion in new Treasuries in 2011, there’s another $3 trillion or so of ‘rollovers’ that have to go off without a hitch as well.

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