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Enemy Action Bent on Societal Collapse

The data is rolling in. Across the globe, birthrates are plummeting while excess mortality is spiking. Both of those issues alone will damage the viability of a healthy society…but combined?...

Chris Martenson,September 13, 2022 | Episode 76 Part 2 140
Peak Insights
Peak Insights
Society Public

A.I. is Going to Kill Us

Elon Musk and virtually every science fiction writer in history claim that A.I. (artificial intelligence) will destroy the human race in the future. And they are probably right. But, forget...

Chris Martenson,September 13, 2022 | Episode 76 Part 1 38
Inside Take
Inside Take
Health Peak Insiders

Bio-manufacturing to achieve societal goals by Executive Order?

President Biden signed an executive order to use bio-engineering for goals such as climate change. Does this include bio-engineered pandemics? Asking for a friend. Unfortunately, it gets worse. Chris explains....

Peak Team,September 13, 2022 75
Market Updates
Market Updates
Economy Public

ECB Raises Rates; The Golden Ruble

The market-moving event this week: the European Central Bank decided to raise rates by 75 bp, so now deposits are yielding (are you ready?): a grand total of 0.75%.  Back...

davefairtex,September 11, 2022 70
Geostrategic Intelligence Report
Geostrategic Intelligence Report
Geopolitics Peak Insiders

Russia, China, NATO Building Military, Economic Alliances

NATO Putin: Battle for Cultural Supremacy is Growing In a speech yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the “battle for cultural supremacy is growing on the world stage,” adding...

Mike Shelby,September 9, 2022 31
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