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Resilient Life
Resilient Life
Preparedness Peak Insiders

Preparedness Basics for the Elderly or Disabled

More people than ever are living alone or with another older person. If you are older or disabled and live independently, you can do plenty of things to make it...

Samantha Biggers,January 14, 2023 10
Inside Take
Inside Take
Peak Insiders

Insane Scots!

Scotland’s political “leadership” is seeking to drive the country to ruin. How? By demonizing their remaining fossil fuels with the intent of “leaving them in the ground” because of “climate...

Chris Martenson,January 13, 2023 38
Inside Take
Inside Take
Economy, Energy, Environment, Society Peak Insiders

Ellen DeGeneres, California Flooding and Climate Change

California is flooding, which some are blaming on climate change. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres...

Chris Martenson,January 11, 2023 79
Peak Insights
Peak Insights
Health Information Scouts

Fraudulent Pfizer Data Sent to Regulators

Did Pfizer commit fraud by submitting faked Quality Assurance data? It sure looks that way....

Chris Martenson,January 10, 2023 | Episode 92 Part 2 252
Peak Insights
Peak Insights
Health, Society Public

Narrative Keepers in a Panic!

The Damar Hamlin case sent the keepers of the narrative into a panic. They pulled out all the stops as they tried, unsuccessfully, to install a bogus narrative that something...

Chris Martenson,January 10, 2023 | Episode 92 Part 1 63
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