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Resilient Life
Resilient Life
Preparedness Public

Major Crisis Survival Concepts: Staying Home, or Bugging In

When a person, family, or group makes the decision to become more resilient, one of the foundational considerations is where will they live while striving to survive a future crisis....

Rick Cox,September 21, 2022 48
Geostrategic Intelligence Report
Geostrategic Intelligence Report
Geopolitics Peak Insiders

Russian Collapse Predicted, India Denies Biden, Economic War Expands

General Says ‘Collapse of Russian Federation in 4-5 Years’ Retired U.S. General Ben Hodges warned that the world needs to prepare for the collapse of the Russian Federation “as we...

Mike Shelby,September 17, 2022 55
Market Updates
Market Updates
Economy Public

Be Careful Out There; Technocracy in a Nutshell

Payrolls came in reasonably strong on Friday; the headline number was +315,000, with the labor force growing by 786,000, a fairly brisk increase, marking a new high for the labor...

davefairtex,September 4, 2022 40
Society Public

The Day(s) America Died

Following our favorite alarmist and Info Scout, Dr. Chris Martenson, since 2008, you’d think I’d have crisis fatigue. But I sleep better, with less anxiety, when I know what Chris...

Phil Denniston,August 18, 2022 34
Informed Consent
Informed Consent
Health Public

CENSORED! The Informed Consent Interview with Dr. Pierre Kory

We just received notice from a streaming channel, which shall not be named, that discussing past “mistakes” by Big Pharma violates the content policy…crazy. Apparently, informing the people who use...

Peak Team,July 16, 2022 | Episode 15 Part 1 94
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