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Home Defense Methods And Strategies

A frank reality is that home defense is something everyone needs to plan for....

Samantha Biggers,March 8, 2021 59
thc0655,April 7, 2011 59
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Preparing For Civil Unrest

People are on edge and with good reason. We are possibly looking at a repeat of 2020 with riots, violence and physical destruction, all potentially tied to the November elections...

Samantha Biggers,May 16, 2022 13
Resilient Life
Resilient Life
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Major Crisis Survival Concepts: Staying Home, or Bugging In

When a person, family, or group makes the decision to become more resilient, one of the foundational considerations is where will they live while striving to survive a future crisis....

Rick Cox,September 21, 2022 52
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Selecting a Firearm

[Note: today's WSID topic has been a long time in coming. Firearms can be a sensitive subject, but worth considering for many when planning for food procurement or home/personal defense...

Aaron M,November 17, 2011 45
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