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Thanksgiving $1 Subscription Sale

For short time and at a great price, I’m offering free subscribers and Information Scouts the full suite of data, intelligence and like-minded community you need to reach your financial...

Chris Martenson,November 25, 2022 8
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Peak Insights
Geopolitics Information Scouts

G20 Decision: Vaccine Passports Required To Travel

The G20 met and left aside all science, common sense, recent history or data opting to double (even triple-down) on the insanity of requiring vaccinations for people to travel. Insane...

Chris Martenson,November 22, 2022 | Episode 85 Part 2 207
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Peak Insights
Energy Public

Why The Windfall Oil Tax Will Backfire

Those greedy oil companies! Time to tax them good and hard! The only problem with this view is it is so short-sighted and unsophisticated it will actually produce the exact...

Chris Martenson,November 22, 2022 | Episode 85 Part 1 55
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Peak Insights
Health Information Scouts

Covid Vaccines Destroy Infant Stem Cells

The Covid vaccines are now proven to severely impact stem cells taken from umbilical cords. This is potentially devastating as those stem cells are used by a developing baby to...

Chris Martenson,November 15, 2022 215
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Peak Insights
Economy Public

The Deeply Troubling FTX Facts and ‘Coincidences’

The FTX scandal reveals profound corruption that could both span the globe and reach right to the top of U.S. politics. The facts as we know them (the first week...

Chris Martenson,November 15, 2022 84
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