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Short Rates Plunge, Fourth Turning, Meet the Djinn

Economic Reports: Retail Sales: -0.4% m/m [prior +3.1% m/m], contraction. Industrial Production: +0.0% m/m [prior +0.27% m/m], contraction CPI-Urban: +0.37% m/m [prior +0.51% m/m], inflation Producer Prices (Input): -0.47% m/m...

davefairtex,March 19, 2023 85
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Banksters, bonds, and failure; the next pandemic dead ahead

I’m going to leave “economic reports” for later – why bury the lead (lede)? Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB) collapsed on Friday.  Excuse me, what I meant to say was: US...

davefairtex,March 12, 2023 144
Market Updates
Market Updates
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heavy trucks, silver, and endorphins

Four economic reports this week: Auto/Light Truck Sales: -6.2% m/m, heavy truck sales: -11.9% m/m. Durable Goods: new orders -4.5 m/m, prior +5.1% m/m, shipments -0.1% m/m. ISM Services Index:...

davefairtex,March 5, 2023 37
Market Updates
Market Updates
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Rates & the buck move higher; guidance from the unvaxxed

There were three primary economic releases this week: New Home Sales Price: -38k [-8.91%] m/m, Home Supply 7.9 [-0.8 m/m].  Bearish. Personal Income: +0.6% m/m [prior 0.3%, expected 1.0%], PCE...

davefairtex,February 26, 2023 43
Market Updates
Market Updates
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more mixed economic signals; woke cultural revolutions, and a better way

There were four main economic reports out this week: CPI (CPIAUCSL) +0.5% m/m [expected +0.4%], prior -0.1% m/m.  Inflationary. Retail Sales (RSAFS) +3.0% m/m [expected +1.7%], prior -1.1% m/m.  Expansionary....

davefairtex,February 19, 2023 48
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By Chris Martenson on March 11th, 2023

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