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Will Apple, Google and Microsoft till on the rented land of Meta?

In the 1990s, Microsoft had a stranglehold monopoly in the Information Technology industry by controlling the operating system market of the PC industry (Apple was truly a niche player at...

iSecurityGuru,October 29, 2022 22
Resilient Life
Resilient Life
Preparedness Public

Why cybersecurity victims will grow

It is no secret there is a worldwide cybersecurity skills shortage. In fact, this shortage is often described as a “crisis”. But the response to this crisis is always to...

iSecurityGuru,October 7, 2022 20
Resilient Life
Resilient Life
Preparedness Peak Insiders

Why Multi-Factor Authentication Will Soon Be Useless

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security measure that requires two or more proofs of identity to grant you access to an application. For example, in addition to providing your password,...

iSecurityGuru,September 30, 2022 23
Information Scouts

How to Defeat Facial Recognition Technology

If you are on social media, photos of your face may be everywhere on the Internet. But some unscrupulous technology companies (e.g. Clearview AI) may have pulled these photos without...

iSecurityGuru,July 22, 2022 11
Geopolitics Peak Insiders

Iran and Israel: Potential For Catastrophic War From The Middle East

It seems pretty clear that the drumbeats of war are looming in the Middle East. Strangely, the mainstream media seem to be ignoring it, and the financial markets act unaware. That...

iSecurityGuru,June 24, 2022 19
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