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Resilient Life
Resilient Life
Preparedness Peak Insiders

Plant for Pollinators

A handful of years ago, I decided to extend the garden and add a section specifically for growing culinary herbs. For this, I built a half dozen 6×6 raised beds...

George Galpin,February 11, 2023 14
Resilient Life
Resilient Life
Preparedness Peak Insiders

When Resilience Mattered, But Had No Name

It was early January 1967, and we were trying to make our way to Watson Lake in the Yukon so I could catch the Canadian Pacific DC-6 flight back to...

George Galpin,December 24, 2022 16
Preparedness Information Scouts

Building our gardening resilience…with numbers

To build our gardening knowledge and to potentially increase production, we need to recognize the importance of record keeping when it comes to growing our own food. I discussed this...

George Galpin,April 4, 2022 12
Preparedness Public

Increasing Our Gardening Resilience

Thoughts on increasing our gardening resilience By: George Galpin It feels like the world is moving faster and faster in directions I never would have thought possible just a couple...

George Galpin,November 7, 2021 21
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