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Off the Cuff
Off the Cuff
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Off the Cuff: Chris Discusses The Restart of Germany’s Coal Plants

Germany’s addiction to renewables and Russian oil and gas, and it’s own self-sanctioning of Russian oil and gas, forces a restart of coal-fueled power plants to avoid energy shortages. Other...

Chris Martenson,June 21, 2022 67
Economy, Emotional Resilience, Energy Peak Insiders

Peak Insider Alert: All Hell Breaks Loose

Right before going to sleep last night, I checked my phone to see how Sunday night futures were doing. The futures screen I check shows them all at a glance....

Chris Martenson,June 13, 2022 62
Peak Insights
Peak Insights
Economy, Energy Public

Europe’s Energy Suicide

European leaders just did something I doubted they would do, which was to immediately ban most imports of Russian oil. Because this is such a self-harming move, I had thought...

Chris Martenson,May 31, 2022 | Episode 63 Part 1 29
Informed Consent
Informed Consent
Economy, Emotional Resilience, Energy Information Scouts

We Are There, Prosperity Has Peaked, Informed Consent, Pt. 2

There’s more and more signs that we’ve reached the end of our prosperous period. Energy, food, and water shortages. Hyperinflation. Riots around the world. War…and now a spate of horrific...

Chris Martenson,May 26, 2022 | Episode 9 Part 2 116
Peak Insights
Peak Insights
Economy, Emotional Resilience, Energy, Geopolitics, Preparedness Information Scouts

The Most Important Warning Sign I’ve Ever Seen

There are two big sections to this special report for subscribers. First, I delve into the most important warning sign I’ve ever seen. The energy situation is deteriorating rapidly and...

Chris Martenson,May 24, 2022 | Episode 62 Part 2 161
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