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Peak Insider Live REPLAY (3/10/23)

Chris & Evie are joined by The Tribe to discuss the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and what this means going forward. Thank you all for attending and adding a...

Ryan Tiefen,March 11, 2023 60
Geopolitics, Preparedness Peak Insiders

ALERT: False Flag Probability On The Rise

Various narratives of the Deep State & authoritarian crowd are now falling apart.  This is when “they” become most dangerous. Consider: Ukraine has lost Bakhmut revealing that the combined force...

Chris Martenson,March 7, 2023 315
Market Updates
Market Updates
Peak Insiders

heavy trucks, silver, and endorphins

Four economic reports this week: Auto/Light Truck Sales: -6.2% m/m, heavy truck sales: -11.9% m/m. Durable Goods: new orders -4.5 m/m, prior +5.1% m/m, shipments -0.1% m/m. ISM Services Index:...

davefairtex,March 5, 2023 37
Inside Take
Inside Take
Society Peak Insiders

About Those 15-Minute cities…

Are 15-minute cities an honest attempt at better urban planning or yet another thinly-veiled grab for what remains of our rapidly dwindling freedoms? Let’s explore together…...

Chris Martenson,March 3, 2023 76
Market Updates
Market Updates
Peak Insiders

Rates & the buck move higher; guidance from the unvaxxed

There were three primary economic releases this week: New Home Sales Price: -38k [-8.91%] m/m, Home Supply 7.9 [-0.8 m/m].  Bearish. Personal Income: +0.6% m/m [prior 0.3%, expected 1.0%], PCE...

davefairtex,February 26, 2023 43
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