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Peak Insights
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We Reclaim Our Power By Withdrawing Our Consent

Today I am offering a set of tools to (1) foresee what’s coming and (2) stopping these sickos. It’s clear we’re under enemy attack, but who is it exactly?  Sometimes...

Chris Martenson,February 28, 2023 274
Peak Insights
Peak Insights
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Why Didn’t The Regulators See This?

The covid vaccine safety data collected by Pfizer and submitted to US, Australian and European regulators are packed with an unacceptable amount and variety of obvious vaccine-related concerns and probable...

Chris Martenson,February 28, 2023 32
Market Updates
Market Updates
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Rates & the buck move higher; guidance from the unvaxxed

There were three primary economic releases this week: New Home Sales Price: -38k [-8.91%] m/m, Home Supply 7.9 [-0.8 m/m].  Bearish. Personal Income: +0.6% m/m [prior 0.3%, expected 1.0%], PCE...

davefairtex,February 26, 2023 43
Chris in the Media
Chris in the Media

Royce White’s First Podcast Guest Was … Me.

Last week I had the honor of being Royce White’s very first guest on his new podcast, ‘Please Call Me Crazy’. Royce and I often have Long, rambling, deeply fascinating...

Chris Martenson,February 25, 2023 47
Inside Take
Inside Take
Health Peak Insiders

The Hidden Pfizer Safety Report Is Quite Bad

I understand why the TGA wanted to hide away the Pfizer “safety” report that was referred to in my most recent public post about the child vaccine deaths in Australia....

Chris Martenson,February 22, 2023 45
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