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Greg Hunter Interviews Chris Martenson

This is an interview of me by Greg Hunter. We go way back and Greg has always been supportive and a delight to know. We discuss: The banking crisis Ukraine...

Congero1,March 23, 2023 30
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Our Unsustainable Future

This week I delivered a lecture to UC Berkeley students who are studying sustainability.  I’ve done this for the past ten years or so, and I’m delighted to be asked...

Chris Martenson,March 21, 2023 67
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Who’s going to Eat the Losses?

We’re now in the end stages of empire.  We’re down to the “thrashing about” stage. When you sum up the gross imbalances between future claims (debts) and future income it’s...

Chris Martenson,March 21, 2023 136
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Short Rates Plunge, Fourth Turning, Meet the Djinn

Economic Reports: Retail Sales: -0.4% m/m [prior +3.1% m/m], contraction. Industrial Production: +0.0% m/m [prior +0.27% m/m], contraction CPI-Urban: +0.37% m/m [prior +0.51% m/m], inflation Producer Prices (Input): -0.47% m/m...

davefairtex,March 19, 2023 84
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Chris Martenson LIVE! (3/18/23)

Hey folks!  I’m doing one of those “last minute, spur of the moment” LiveCasts today on Youtube at 1:00 ET. You’re invited! Sorry for the late announcement, but that’s how...

Chris Martenson,March 18, 2023 108
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Peak Insider Live REPLAY (3/10/23)

By Chris Martenson on March 11th, 2023

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