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Market Updates
Market Updates
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Good News for Metals; A Mafia Operation

The buck fell 0.91 [-0.85%] to 105.92 on the week; most of the damage happened on Monday and Tuesday. While the buck remains (barely) above the 200 MA, this week...

davefairtex,November 27, 2022 28

Thanksgiving $1 Subscription Sale

For short time and at a great price, I’m offering free subscribers and Information Scouts the full suite of data, intelligence and like-minded community you need to reach your financial...

Chris Martenson,November 25, 2022 8
Peak Insights
Peak Insights
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Why The Windfall Oil Tax Will Backfire

Those greedy oil companies! Time to tax them good and hard! The only problem with this view is it is so short-sighted and unsophisticated it will actually produce the exact...

Chris Martenson,November 22, 2022 | Episode 85 Part 1 55
Market Updates
Market Updates
Economy Public

Recession Indicators; General Winter Arrives

There were three big economic reports this week: Retail Sales (RSXFS): +1.26% m/m Industrial Production (INDPRO): -0.11% m/m Producer Prices (PPIACO): -1.3% m/m Mostly, producer prices = energy, which is...

davefairtex,November 20, 2022 12
Book Review
Book Review
Health Public

A Real Problem: The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine

“The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine” investigates corruption in many areas of so-called evidence-based medicine. I found the author’s work examining Randomized Controlled Trials to be the most telling and damning....

Mike from Jersey,November 19, 2022 40
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