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“I Give Up”, Informed Consent, Pt. 1, LiveCast Replay

This week, Chris dissects the latest news and the outbreak of hepatitis in children. Most importantly, the looming energy and food crises are set to dominate 2022 and 2023.  Are

By Peak Team on Thursday May 12th, 2022
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“Informed Consent” LiveCast: Divided We Fall; Is Cultural Destruction Planned?

It’s Summer 2020 all over again? Instead of race, it’s Roe v. Wade. The powers that be are spinning up their protest and riot infrastructure once more, while police and

By Peak Team on Thursday May 5th, 2022
Health, Society 24Public Content

Twitter, Elon Musk, Free Speech and the Impact on Science Headline “Informed Consent”, Replay Available

For this episode, Chris dissected the Elon Musk purchase of Twitter and the hilarious if not troubling reaction by the unserious and triggered mini-tyrants working for Twitter and the universe

By Peak Team on Thursday April 28th, 2022
Economy, Emotional Resilience, Energy, Geopolitics 70Public Content

Food Plant Explosions Headline The Latest “Informed Consent” LiveCast

Explosions, accidents and cyberattacks at multiple food plants are adding yet another layer of uncertainty to the global food supply. With the farms of Europe’s “breadbasket” (Ukraine) decimated by war,

By Peak Team on Thursday April 21st, 2022
Health 13Public Content

UPDATE: America’s Grand Jury, the People vs. Dr. Fauci to be Rescheduled

As promised, here is the latest statement from the producers of America’s Grand Jury. If or when we receive additional information, we will share it. Last night we launched America’s

By Peak Team on Saturday April 9th, 2022
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