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Ask the Adviser: Risk-Managed Investing

Original Content
By Adam Taggart
Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Ask the Adviser: Risk-Managed Investing

Original Content
By Adam Taggart on
Saturday, January 12th, 2013

If you have money in the financial system (stocks, bonds, retirement funds, etc.) and you share the same skepticism most of our readers have about the markets' future stability, how should you invest those funds?

Most of the folks who inquire about our endorsed financial advisers are far more interested in preserving the purchasing power of their wealth vs. aggressively trying to beat the market average each year. But how exactly does one do that?

In this week's podcast, Chris sits down again with Mike Preston and John Llodra to discuss risk-managed investing. In a nutshell, this is an approach that seeks to deliver decent (though rarely spectacular) gains when markets are up, but loses much less on a relative basis when markets move to the downside. Chris asks the team to expound on the strategy they pursue, as well as the vehicles investors interested in this approach can use.

Managing investment risk is the single most important value that we bring to our clients’ lives. You really have to distinguish between volatility and risk.

People generally think that volatility is risk, but that is not necessarily true. There are lots of instances in the market that we could point out where volatility is very low – for instance, like in late 2007 – but risk, by the ways that we measure risk, would be very high. There are other times where volatility would be very high, but risk would be a lot lower – for instance, March 2009 would be a better example, with VIX trading up around 50 or higher and the market swing 500 Dow points or more. But as we look back now, we understand that risk was lower in the longer term over that period.

Right now is another good example, I think. As we sit here in January of 2013, the volatility in the market, or risk, is really low. But while risk is also sometimes measured by standard deviation, where there is not a lot of day-to-day change in volatility, risk, we think, is very high right now.

And so we have to be pre-emptive and decide when risk is high, even if volatility is low, and make certain types of adjustments to our portfolio. Those types of adjustments generally would include using special tools to hedge against that risk and could include (and usually include) raising cash in portfolios so that we can deploy the cash at better valuation levels. Really, the name of the game is being patient enough to sit on cash or cash equivalents when appropriate and when risk is high so that we can deploy them when risk is likely to be better rewarded.

If after listening to this podcast, you find yourself interested in connecting with Bill, Mike, John, and the rest of their team to learn more about their advisory services, please use the form here to do so.

Transparency note:  As a result of our public endorsement, Peak Prosperity has a commercial relationship with this firm. The details of this relationship are clearly presented in writing during the referral process — but the punchline is, our relationship does NOT result in any increased fees to those who become clients.


It should go without saying: this discussion should not be construed as individual financial advice by those listening to it. The content should be taken as informational and educational in nature only. Investment advice must be tailored to your specific personal situation (which Chris and his guests are obviously unaware of) and should be obtained directly from a financial adviser you trust. Before acting on any of the statements made in this podcast, we advise you do just that.


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