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Announcing the 2023 Virtual Seminar!

Our annual Peak Prosperity Virtual Seminar is coming up on the 28th and 29th. Check it out!

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jan 23, 2023
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We’re about to host our annual Peak Prosperity Virtual Seminar.

Although the seminar runs from Saturday the 28th of January to Sunday the 29th, you are likely to see a bit less of me around the site this week as I work with the team to assemble the best seminar experience we can for our attendees.


Get your tickets now!

To purchase a ticket ($199 with the usual discounts for Peak Insiders and Key Supporters), please visit our event page and scroll past our speaker bios.


What’s this one about?

Same as last year, our intention is to motivate, inspire and help organize your thinking and planning for the year ahead. If we do our jobs well, then for the years ahead.

Look, the world is pretty obviously screwed up right now. So much so that it can be difficult to get your head around it all.

This is why hanging around other intelligent and successful people who see things the same way is so important. If we are the average of the people we spend the most time around, then be sure to align yourself with people who see the world clearly and are moving ahead with purpose and clarity.

It is also my view that the future’s winners and losers will be winnowed and sorted mostly on their ability to adjust rapidly and see things as they really are.

Those who are able and willing to do the work necessary to grasp the implications of the following are going to be the winners:

  • Peak oil
  • Federal Reserve printing
  • CDC, NIH, and FDA corruption
  • The true aims of the green agenda
  • Authoritarianism
  • Cultural warfare
  • Cognitive warfare
  • 5th generation warfare
  • Psyops and propaganda
  • How to build true wealth
  • The critical importance of emotional capital

Here’s how this seminar is structured:

Day 1 begins at the top with big framing. Bret Weinstein and I will lay down the big picture.

I’ll be taking the resource and financial angle.  Bret will be covering the institutional failures and the intentionality of their actions.

Then Dave Collum will take us through what the lessons from the embarrassing Afghanistan withdrawal and current Ukrainian actions reveal about the state of corruption in US and across the west.


Michael Yon is closer to the true stories of the world than anyone else I know. He’s recently been in Holland with Dutch farmers, in Germany and Poland, at the US border and now down in the Darien Gap in Panama through which the vast bulk of all the economic and political migrants pass on their way to the US border. Out of all of that his biggest concern is that the world is heading toward an era of massive famine.



Next my friend Robert Kiyosaki explains the role of Marxism and a purposely failed education system in laying the groundwork for all of these bad decisions to even happen. As an unrepentant capitalist, Robert wants nothing more than for everyone to achieve financial freedom for themselves and to contribute to our national and global prosperity. But he knows most people won’t rise to that calling, many of them unable to do so because of their prior conditioning and programming within a system that prefers them to be mere cogs in a careless machine. But for those who can hear his message…this is not to be missed. 


Then we have a special exercise called “What’s in Your Trailer?” led by Bob Klimm.  The outcome of this is a special tool to use to have that impossible conversation with your half-joking friend/brother-in-law/sister/co-worker who has said “well, if things ever get that bad I’m coming to your place!” This is an awful request, basically telling you that this person reserves the right to put you in a very bad position at some point in this future. This is unfair. So we’ll help you have the right conversation early so you don’t have to make the impossible decision later.

Even armed with all this information, many of us (perhaps even you) won’t take the necessary steps to prepare. Why not? Well, because of emotional blockages in the way, often out of sight and out of mind. Evie Botelho will share her secrets for emotional preparation to help us all be fully human creatures, uncomfortable feelings and all.



On day 2, we move to the broken medical systems with our special guests Pierre Kory and then Steve Kirsch. Both have been at the tip of the spear fighting against a deeply rotten and very inhumane medial system.


Knowing just how broken is important both to allow us to release any attachment we might have to “the way things were” (so we can move on) and to empower us to really take our own health back into our own hands. Guess what? Health does not come from a pill bottle, but from having a well-regulated immune system and a healthy body.

The last half of Sunday is reserved for very specific tips and ideas for investing and managing our wealth better. Any questions you have about relocation, managing a portfolio for these times, buying gold & silver, or real estate – this part of the weekend is for you.

We’ve got the CEO of Goldcore and a good part of his team with us (who we’ve recently begun a reciprocal and beneficial relationship). Paul Kiker, a wealth manager, will discuss personal and portfolio management topics with us, and legendary real estate investor Ken McElroy will share his views on where we are in the real estate investing cycle.






Again, you won’t want to miss any of these speakers! 

Each of our guest experts have been asked to be available both for the live Q&A but also then within our Discord servers to answer any remaining questions you might have.  As well, they have been asked to share with us any personal steps toward resilience they may have taken in response to the developing storm clouds.

Speaking of which, that’s the high point of the whole seminar for many people – interacting with the other attendees in our Discord conversation areas. The Discord server is already open for 2023 and the conversations have begun!

We hope to see you there (virtually of course)!