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There are several key benefits that differentiate GoldCore Secure Storage from other forms of gold investment including gold ETFs, digital or online gold platforms and other storage providers. These key benefits make GoldCore Secure Storage a safer, more liquid and frequently a more cost-effective way to invest in gold and silver.

Hence for investors, first-time buyers of gold and silver bullion or those looking to select a new storage partner and own precious metals in the safest of ways, GoldCore Secure Storage is the prudent choice when seeking to protect and grow wealth. The degree of transparency, safety and accessibility is unparalleled, and the price you pay is low considering the security and value provided.

Key Benefits of GoldCore Secure Storage:

  • Segregated Storage!
  • Safest Vaults and Jurisdictions Globally
  • Outright Legal Ownership – Fully Segregated & Allocated Coins and Bars
  • Competitive Storage Rates
  • Independent Verification and Full Audits by Inspectorate International
  • Ability to Inspect Vault and Bullion Holding in Vaults
  • Ability to Take Delivery of Coins and Bars Directly from Vaults
  • Real Transparency, Liquidity, Competitive Pricing and Accessibility
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