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Every month for the past nearly five decades, Gold Newsletter has unearthed unique investment opportunities that mainstream investors didn’t even know existed.

Jim Blanchard founded Gold Newsletter in 1971 as his principal weapon in the fight to return the right of private gold ownership to American citizens. It was a weapon that proved unusually effective — three years after its inception, President Gerald Ford signed a bill that restored Americans’ gold ownership rights. Over the decades to follow, the publication would go on to feature some of modern history’s greatest free market economists and investment analysts.

Edited by noted investment expert Brien Lundin since 1993, Gold Newsletter continues to provide its readers with timely and profitable analysis of the precious metals and mining share markets and the economic and geopolitical issues that impact them.

Under Mr. Lundin’s leadership, the publication has cemented its reputation as the most profitable newsletter in this sector. Drawing on over three decades of experience in the industry and an unmatched rolodex, he has consistently steered Gold Newsletter readers into the biggest winners.

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