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Our Recommended Pandemic Preparations

The User's Profile Chris Martenson January 24, 2020
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Executive Summary

  • Why the coronavirus is much more dangerous than the standard flu
  • Why, if it accelerates, it can easily overwhelm our health & safety systems
  • A list of the most important preparations for a pandemic
  • Why you *really* want to put those in place now

If you have not yet read ALERT: Coronavirus Pandemic Event Now A Serious Risk, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

Note:  This report is behind our paywall.  We understand that some may wish it to be available to the general public, however, given the sensitivity of the topic and what this report contains, we won’t risk having our writing being taken out of context or being misquoted, or otherwise being accused of intending to ‘alarm the public.’  As always, feel free to share this information with your closest loved ones.

Well, this is a report I really hoped never to write.  But we all need to get our head on straight around this fast-spreading viral outbreak.

A pandemic is #3 on my personal “oh shit” list (a prolonged grid-down event is #2, and a global world war with nukes is, by far, #1)

In other words, a pandemic is a pretty serious beast.

The reason is simple: like many thoughtful people, once a pandemic is in my neck of the woods, I’m not going to be doing anything in the company of strangers.  No shopping, no going to restaurants, and especially no traveling in closed up metal tubes with recirculated air (i.e. planes and trains).

I won’t be alone in those behaviors.  How many airline pilots, train conductors, trash collectors, and medical personnel have to call in “sick” to disrupt the entire system?  Not that many.

No Worse Than The Flu, Right?

Why is this Wuhan New Coronavirus (officially “2019-ncov”) different from the flu? You will be reading that comparison a lot where people will note that in 2019 the CDC estimated that flu sickened 49 million people, hospitalized 960,000 and killed about 80,000 people.

The 2019-ncov has only officially sickened less than a thousand (as of this morning) and killed 25. 

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