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Resilient Relocation
by Chris Martenson

Executive Summary

  • When relocation makes sense (and when it doesn’t)
  • Developing the vision & plan for your relocation destination
  • Creating community
  • Which incentives will drive success

If you have not yet read Part 1: The Importance Of A Resilient Life, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

Two weeks ago, I publicly revealed my plans to create a resilient living community. One that will offer me and other like-minded folks a beautiful place to live and positive cash flows.

In good times, it can be used as a home, as a vacation destination, or simply a passive real estate investment. And if times get bad, it’s a fully-resilient retreat, ready to shelter you and your loved ones.

The response to my announcement overwhelmed me. It clearly touched a nerve with thousands of people looking for a solution like this, hundreds of which have contacted me. In a week, dozens who want to participate will be meeting at my home in northern Massachusetts.

Below, I’m sharing the process I’ve designed for this movement. The detailed vision. The requirements for the property we’re hunting for. The skills, attitudes and expertise I’m looking for when (very carefully) choosing who to accept into this community. The incentives for fostering the right group dynamics and discouraging the wrong ones. The financial realities.

Read on if you’d like to learn more about this specific resilient relocation project, or if you’d like to integrate its insights into one of your own.

Because if you wait to long to act, you’ll find that… (Enroll now to continue reading)


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